Forum Title: Great things to listen to while working.(besides music)
As I have started my own company and gained traction on the road to 40 I have all but give up on music. While I still hold a special place for great southern rock and all the other main stream classic jams I just got tired of listening to the same ol stuff a few years back. I listened to sports talk for awhile then politics. But the last year burnt me out on politics. I have been recently listening to audio fiction. I was a rare as a youngster. Athlete but also comic book nerd. So some new podcast are really cool in my opinion. Here are a few new ones I found. The Bright Sessions. Is a listen in on a therapist during her sessions. But with people with special abilities and a larger plot grows in the background. The once and only nerd is a story about a few teenagers who end up in a land of orcs and elfs and has been really entertaining. The is one that talks about potential futures i like cant remember the name. I also like whence came you Some of my painting brothers out there might be familiar with that. That is what originally got me into podcast. Of course i still listen to music and some politics daily I have grown bored with both. Anyway what do you listen to besides music?
Category: Painter Post By: JESSE ROSS (Green Bay, WI), 07/21/2019

I gather from the screen name you're a Auburn man. Welcome, from next door in Mississippi. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

- GUY REEVES (Richmond, VA), 08/05/2019

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