Forum Title: Magnum X17. So far so good.(kind of)
I have always heard good things about gracos. When starting my own company i bought a magnum x7. Used it on a xouple jobs then it sit stored with pump armor a few months. Get a job where it was needed and break her out. Get to the jobsite and phooey. No priming. I try all the relevent tricks. Cleaning the lines tapping where the inlet ball is. Cleaning out where the ball goes(both of them) and so on. Luckily since it was bought at home depot and had been just shy of 90 days they let me exchange it. So I drive all the way from the job site back to home depot to get the new one(which is a good 45min trip) get back to the jobsite and low and behold the brand new one out of the box is doing the same thing. By this point I have lost a whole day of work and am a bit irate. So the next morning I go back to home depot exchange for another and head to the job site. What happened next few would believe. The 3rd sprayer total and 2nd one brand new out of the box would also not work. So out of sheer frustration I call graco to vent some of that frustration and was even more upset when they gave me customer service rep who was quite nice and very cordial. He said that I should return the sprayer for a refund and graco would send me the upgraded version the X17 with the replacable pump. Feeling that that made up for loosing this job(i was on a fixed schedule), i decided to give graco another shot. I got the new one and it sat new in the box for over a month before the next job arose where i needed it. The day came when it was time to use the new sprayer and i open the box and pull it out. Get it set up and thankfully it started to prime. But as i began to move it with the bucket of paint hanging from the hook the bucket is suppose to hang from, the leg snapped in two and sent the bucket spilling over. Graco sent me a replacement leg of course. But i did have to spent an hour with a wire brush cleaning up the mess. But with a few screws the leg was easily fixed and the sprayer worked perfectly for the rest of that job and the next one. I am now holding my breathe til the next job comes up where I need it. Whats crazy is that I am a bit anal when it comes to my tools. I cleaned them and store them properly always. I worked for guys in my younger days that would have gracos that they would treat like throw away brushes and never have any problems out of anything. I guess life is just crazy like that.
Category: Painter Post By: ARMANDO ROBBINS (Napa, CA), 07/17/2019

You're buying MAGNUMS. They are disposable P.O.S.'s. You have to kick down for a real one. Although, I've never heard of that many problems with them, though.

- Timothy Gob (Lehigh, PA), 08/04/2019

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