Forum Title: PEELING Sherwin Williams Multi Surface Acrylic
This stuff was recommended by the Sherwin Williams rep after I walked in asking for oil based. It was sprayed over textured powder coated metal and oil based paint on door and trim. It lifted and peeled everywhere there had been a leak while bldg was abandoned. I washed and rinsed the walls before painting. The paint is soft, it scratches and scuffs easy, it is total garbage it doesn't even shine good. I can't feather edges, it's like sanding a condom. It's textured so each panel needs stripped. I've tried 3 paint strippers, laquer thinner , cleaners, wire brush, heat gun, water, and everything just makes a mess and it turns to goo but won't come off. I have had the rep out here he agreed I sprayed it perfect, prepping was right, it just didn't stick. So HOW DO I GET THIS STUFF OFF? THE PAINT IS GARBAGE. IT scratches easy, and scuffs and fingerprints won't go away. I have an estimate for $3800 to media blast the room - do I just do it and try and sue Sherwin Williams for the damages or ??????? I'll be calling them soon not sure what to do
Category: Painter Post By: TERRY NGUYEN (Rock Hill, SC), 07/03/2019

Did you use a bonding primer? Was the surface scuffed and/or sanded? Good luck suing SW. They have deep pockets. At the end of the day, if they're feeling particularly generous, they may replace the product.

- EVERETT CORTEZ (Walnut Creek, CA), 08/29/2019

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